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VIDA Farms is a family-owned business

operating out of Ontario, Canada! 

Owners Violeta and Davide are passionate about helping boost your whole family's sense of well-being. We make 100% pure and natural aromatherapy products for the whole family by specially formulating blends appropriate for different ages. In fact, Violeta is currently working towards a Clinical Aromatherapist Designation, so stay tuned for client appointments in the not-too-distant future!

Our journey with essential oils started in early 2020. After a bad car accident in 2017, our lives were changed forever. After years of trying conventional remedies for anxiety, depression, pain and general unease, we bought our first diffuser along with a bottle of lavender essential oil, and we were instantly hooked. We were amazed at how calming it was while using ZERO chemicals, which was important to us as we had a baby at home. We quickly escalated to making our own bug sprays, muscle rollers, hair serums, and more! We saw that the possibilities are endless and we became excited to keep exploring the aromatic world. Not only do we wholeheartedly believe in the benefits of essential oils, but we have experienced those benefits ourselves, and witnessed them in those we have helped.


Now, we proudly present VIDA Farms as our way to help the world roll on goodness. Our small-batch artisan rollers are made with 100% pure ingredients for a range of ages. We do not use any chemicals, even in the sterilization of the roller parts. There are no additives, preservatives, or anything artificial. Our motto is, If it's not good enough for our family, it's not good enough for our customers!


We love helping people utilize the incredible benefits of essential oil rollers so that you, and your kids, can feel better, emotionally, spiritually, and in your overall wellness. 

Our goals don't stop at the rollers. As a company, we are continuing to grow and develop more amazing products for you to enjoy.

Our Values

- Simplicity

- High Quality Ingredients

- As Natural and Non-Toxic As Possible

- Integrity

- Knowedlge & Passion

- Family

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