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Best Essential Oils For Decongestion

When I started using essential oils, it was very much a functional thing. Yeah, they smelled great but my first motive was to find practical ways to use them. I picked up Lavender because I needed something for my anxiety. I picked up lemon because its great for cleaning and waking you up in the morning. See where I was going with it?

Well my partner and son both suffer from congestion and I just knew I could help them using essential oils! Here are some of my family's favourite oils for decongestion.

(These are safe for young kids too!)

- Cedarwood

- Pine Needle

- Clary Sage

- Lemon

- Frankincense

- Chamomile

- Lavender

If you are an adult and need something a little stronger, try:

- Peppermint

- Eucalyptus

- Tea Tree

- Rosemary

So how do you actually use these oils to help ease congestion?

  1. Drop some into a boiling pot of water and inhale

  2. Throw some on your shower walls, then blast the hot water for an incredible steam experience

  3. Use a roller like Soothe / Mintea and roll it on your chest and neck, pillow, scarf, etc.

  4. Add oils to your diffuser and enjoy. Or, if you're in a rush: blast it while breathing it in (depending on which oil you're using. I'll do that with tea tree and eucalyptus)

  5. Place a few drops on a tissue and keep it by your nose while you sleep

Thanks for reading and I hope it helped you!

If you liked this post and found the information useful, let me know in the comments and share it with your network!

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